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The Future is “COMING SOON”…

Avatars – A reflection of reality?   Ok, I was serious when I said I was having an I, Robot moment yesterday but what the hell is this?!!!

I’ve been waiting for such an invention for a while now…check it out :-)

Greening up the world… A giant solar tower is coming to Arizona. It will cost 750 million to make and no money at all to run.

A Poetic Encounter…

I was eating my lunch in a grave yard for deeper contemplation about life but when I looked up, I saw William Blake’s tombstone staring right back at me. Life is a poem, isn’t it just? Always wanted to visit his grave for inspiration.

“When you are so busy trying to sort out someone else’s problems half your life in a job you may or may not be happy in, when do you actually get to live your own life? I am amazed at how some people let years slip through their fingers. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE OPPORTUNITIES!”

- Sarah Begum