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Know your audience!

“Ok…working on the timeline and Amazon Souls is cut down to 7 and a half hours so far. The mission: Cut down to 3 hours before I meet the legendary Jack Gold next week! Wish me luck souls!” 28 January 2012 Amazon Souls: Documentary Facebook PRIVATE Group “Getting ready for a first viewing of the […]

“Way Out”

As I wandered lost in a foreign part of the underground, all I could see were directions pointing to “Way Out”. I doubted the clear signs as I couldn’t see any way out from where I was standing. The platform looked all walled up…I kept walking until “Way Out” appeared inside the walls. It got […]

“Keep practising technique until it becomes habit and dissolve every single, “I can’t do it” from your mind…only then other things in life will follow. – Just something I was thinking about on my way back from session 2.”

- Sarah Begum   On my way back from Kickboxing…

Message from my Amazon warrior

“Message from my Amazon warrior: Hi Sarah, How are you and your family? I am very well in Ecuador with my family. Are you in your town Sarah? We are very quiet in our community. I hope to see you sarah. Come again to visit us.” 26 January 2012

Happy Chinese New Year! Tis the year of the Water Dragon so this year will be legendary. Unleash the dragon within…

      Did you know Pandora’s floating “Hallelujah Mountains” were inspired in part by the Huangshan mountains in China?

“Mitakuye Oyasin – We are All Related” by Dr. A.C. Ross.

An interesting book I picked up from a Pow Wow in South Dakota, USA that highlights the similarities between all the races and religions on earth rather than focusing on our differences. A truly insightful read into traditions I never knew existed.