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The right person, with the right track record and experience in my field of interest to point me in all the right directions.

“By Friday, 2 hours of rushes will be structured into scenes and sent off for viewing. This viewing could change my life if I make all the right moves now…wish us luck!” 28 February 2012 Through a mutual contact online, I came across David Johnson who Directed Bear Grylls for Man vs Wild and Produces […]

Interviewing the elders outside their huts

This way of life is changing. As a species, the human race is always evolving. The North of the globe more so than the South and this tribe have always lived life in the rainforest the only way they know how. Contact with the west brought about change into the pristine way of life. What […]

Editing the trailer for Amazon Souls with Allan Houston

EDITOR: Do you think I made you look too much like ‘Wonder Woman’? SARAH: (eyebrow raised) Wonder Woman??? What am I doing now? EDITOR: Throwing a spear and wrestling with the warriors…No! More like, ‘Xena Warrior Princess’! SARAH: (Laughs)

It’s important to know how to save a life…

On my way to do the grocery shopping, I saw a man laying unconscious on the floor. Two other passers by stopped to call the ambulance. Another passer by screamed, “His face colour is changing!” Blood was pouring out of his mouth on the concrete floor and the man who was helping him was on […]