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“There is something amazing happening in the world right now…cambios hermosas avance de nuestro estado de bienestar…il Transito di Venere si svolge il 6 giugno e una nuova luce inizierà a brillare…espérons pour le mieux dans notre monde et pour notre peuple …Lassen Sie uns ein Ende zu Kriegen und den Beginn der neuen Ära mit Liebe und Gemeinschaft gefüllt zu sehen… If everyone did their part well, we can come together as an army and make the world a better place to live in…”

- Sarah Begum

Jaguar Dreams

I had a dream that a black jaguar came to visit me but it was half hidden in a car and it’s cubs were in the back seat. One of the jaguar cubs jumped out of the car and into my arms. The cub was walking around the house and became my pet/child…I have a […]