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“Pink Lady” Moment

Feasting on a “Pink Lady” apple on the train, mesmerised by the Spanish conversation in front of me…Apple bits fall down my shirt, eyes wide open, attracting wild Spanish stares as if I’m about to choke on something. I stare back like I’ve just seen a ghost whilst slowly standing up on my feet…I look […]

A little help from my friend in Ecuador

“Just received extra footage from Carlos Javier Saltos Falconi, in Ecuador, who was also filming with me on my trip. Thanks Carlos, you just saved the edit with extra cutaways” 31st July 2012 “I’m loving the new footage! It’s like putting together the missing pieces of a gigantic jigsaw puzzle… Sarah Begum: But some of the […]

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Inspirational insertions during the edit phase

“Accidental and spontaneous ideas are the best when they appear to you like light bulbs powered by thin air…everything is just falling into place now…39 minutes and tweaking.” 25th July 2012

A few hours on the last scene and just a few more days before I have lovely final video edit together :-)

23rd July 2012. Comments: Dominic Willson: How long is it? Sarah Begum: The whole film at the moment is currently under 45mins but planning to just make tweaks now and fine cut Can’t wait!!! Dominic Willson: Great work xx Sarah Begum: Thanks Dom…but there’s still work to do after picture lock and really excited about it!!  xx Dominic Willson: It’s come […]