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Pampering up Purrrfectly

Gym, steam room, twirling in all the wrong directions in the swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, learnt how to float in the swimming pool, jacuzzi, facial in steam room, numerous showers and then… “The Notting Hill Carnival”! My first time at the Carnival and pointers for the next time; DON’T DRINK BEFORE YOU GO […]

“The explorers of the past were great men and we should honour them. But let us not forget that their spirit lives on. It is still not hard to find a person who will adventure for the sake of a dream or one who will search, for the pleasure of searching, not for what he may find” – Sir Edmund Hillary

- Sir Edmund Hillary Post by Explorers Connect.

Hey guys! This is not a filmmaking masterpiece but I was just looking through some footage from my Ethiopia trip and found this interview so I put it together just so you could hear what these interesting street kids had to tell me… — at Lalibella, Ethiopia

A Superb Summer’s Day

Business meetings, castings, lunch with friends/crew, good news, sleeping in pub for an hour, playing with a dog who liked sitting on my foot for an hour, magical moments at the Royal Arts Club; two girls treated like princesses, digesting the night at Grouchos with new people… I had the best day and night to […]

A Curious Cat

Went exploring a street I never take using my instincts as the GPS and ended up stumbling upon “The Camera Club”, met Ted and learnt about which camera I should buy next since my camera has stopped its heart beat. Then, walked in to find out where the Timber comes from in Jewson and the […]