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Brother and sister stand in front of the mirror whilst Mother drinks tea in her chair.

SARAH: Let’s spot our similarities. ZAD: (Snorts) MOTHER: My white sheep meets my black sheep… SARAH: Name one feature that we have in common ZAD: Nothing MOTHER: (Snorts) SARAH: There must be one… ZAD: Blood type SARAH: Name another ZAD: Mother and father (laughs) and that’s it! MOTHER: Get out of the way you two, […]

The Red Effect

I was trying to be healthy but I never questioned the size of the glass…Poisoned, stumbled home, slammed my bedroom door, hung outside the window, arms dangling, puking out my foolishness with every breath…That’s how I met the neighbour who lives outside my window…He tried to help me but somehow whilst listening to him I […]