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Focused, all senses fixed on reading a PHD thesis about the Huaorani’s…All of a sudden, strange moans flooded my bedroom…I thought I was hallucinating with rather X-rated thoughts but then I realised that the walls are thin and my neighbour had company! Hahaha…

Two books down, one more to go! My last book is about 488 pages of pure Spanish. I’m going to need a bit of help…But you must obey and perform my fetish; read this book to me in Spanish, then English whilst I take notes hehehe…So, if you are a fluent Spanish and English speaker, […]

Tolworth Girls!

Time travelled back 10 years when I went to work with the year 9 students at Tolworth Girl’s School for “Young Enterprise”…really makes you think how important the youth are because really, after we have our time, they become our future leaders and much more!

Keep going

Had an amazing set of meetings today topped off by the Yasuni ITT where I met interesting people working to preserve the land of the Huaorani’s and established great contacts! When you truly believe in something, just keep going…