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My Training Programme for the next 2 weeks:

- Keep total daily calories to 1300 or less. – Majority of the those calories should come from protein and fat sources. Any carbohydrate sources should be minimised apart from vegetables and salads and 2 pieces of fruit maximum daily. – Perform 45-60 minutes of low intensity cardiovascular work every morning before eating. Something like […]

Struggling to breathe his last seconds of time in the painful madness that emerged around him, he managed one last look at me, filled with the deepest love from the dimension he was about to enter, then at my Mother, ending their story in a peaceful glance. Our cries echoed through the streets whilst his legend ended surrounded by his loved ones. This moment has never left me and it never will.

Today is my Father’s memorial and I pray he is in Paradise, free from the pain of this world. Love you Dad! xXxXx

Cut. Refine. Define. That’s how diamonds are made ;-)

“You know it’s a good sign when you’re supposed to edit/make changes but you’ve just let it play and watched half the film!” 16th November 2012 “The hard bit: Cutting down and out…” 24th November 2012 “Realising what genre this is and what type of documentary it is NOT…then seeking the right tools to see […]

Off to Bristol for the day – Britain’s hub of adventurers! This is interesting…

A few nights ago, I had a dream about being on the top deck of a bus with a woman I had never seen before and passing abstract shaped buildings with graffiti all over them. I wanted to stop but had no time. Yesterday, the same woman from my dream sat next to me on […]