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The Magic of Music and the Sensations of Sounds

“The fun part……MUSIC!!! Laying down music tracks on the film Looking for the perfect melody, wanting to jump into a past dream I had and save the tune from that place in my head onto a memory stick and bring it right back to the edit suite so I can play with it! Unfortunately, I need […]

Film Industry Mechanics

People are so important in this world and this industry is so small. You don’t wanna piss people off because you never know where they can take you in life. If you’ve helped someone and they rise to the top, then one day that person could reel you in from below. But if you play […]


On December 21st 2008, I had a dream that the world would end on 21st December 2012 and that the Mayan prophecy would come true… Before this dream, I had no prior knowledge about the Mayan prophecy… It was only when I woke up and researched on the net the significance of “21.12.2012” that I […]