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Recording Voice Overs @ Bubble TV with Jez Spencer

Had the best talent in the industry help me tidy up the sound for Amazon Souls yesterday and kept my spirits high whilst recording voice overs despite my terrible and sudden cold. You know what? It felt good watching and listening to my film on the screens  Thank you so much Jez and Adrian   […]

What a weird dream!

I dreamt the shaman from the Amazon tribe came to visit me in London and the beauty spot on my left hand disappeared because the guide put it there to give me luck whilst finishing my documentary. There was also some sort of ceremony I had to take part in and I was filming someone […]

Netherlands 2013

OK. So…I have accomplished many mini missions but now…really now…I have the biggest challenge and that is TIME. You wanna know why? Well…because…I HAVE TO PACK MY SUITCASE AND HEAD OUT THE DOOR IN A COUPLE OF HOURS FOR MY NEXT MINI ADVENTURE!!! WOOHOOO….. But… Guess Where? . . . Back in London, fully charged […]

The 8 hour Mission

But managed to save someone’s life and root hope in another – THANK GOD! There’s so much that needs doing in London. So many people trapped in cultures that breed prisoners instead of independent women. So many stories surviving within deprived walls. It makes me so sad. What’s worst? When a soul reaches out to you […]