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Last night, I gave birth to an easter egg – erm…don’t ask!

We are about to enter the next phase of the year; one that brings new beginnings to our lives in whichever way our destiny evolves and more importantly, long hours of sunshine  Happy Easter EVERYONE!

Arm wrestling with Jamal Edwards from SBTV’s cameraman…

After shaking my hand, he was in shock and I had the usual reaction… JAMAL: Wow, you’ve got a real firm grip! So I gave my usual response… SARAH: I used to weight lift as a child. JAMAL: Really? (Looks at his personal camera man and ushers him to sit with me). Go and arm […]


“The revolution in a society to move towards becoming ideally free. And the desire for freedom is the love in all people, right? Freedom can be defined as moving towards a genuine free market, establishing/restoring a republic, setting natural and equal rights, etc.” – Urban Dictionary