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Sarah Begum, Adventurous Filmmaker

I graduated from Kingston University in 2010 with a BA HONS in Filmmaking and Television Design and Production with a 2:1. I honestly felt the film course was not enough, hence why I started my own production. I saw the opportunity to secure my future with my passion. A dream. The Business School encouraged me […]

I present to you the OFFICIAL trailer of AMAZON SOULS (2013)

AMAZON SOULS Official Trailer (2013) – Youtube AMAZON SOULS Official Trailer (2013) – Vimeo Comments: Richard Wicksteed: Well done Sarah … Hope we see your film in Africa! Kelly Irwin: Well done. Looks great. Your VoiceOver sounds good!x Eduardo Pichilingue Ramos: Excelent trailer Sarah! Congratulations! now I want to see the movie Sri Utami: Looking forward […]

Cannes Film Festival 2013

“Just received my accreditation for Cannes!!! Woohoooooooo” 27th March 2013 “Cannes Short Film Corner deadline… will I make it???” 8th April 2013 “Waking up from “away with the fairies in La La land” to a good morning and GREAT NEWS! Guess what? No sleep and hard work paid off the last few days… My film, […]

En route, Cannes!

So far, I have had a beautiful year filled with wonderful surprises… Now, I’m taking my dreams to Cannes Film Festival and wishing upon the stars to make them happen! Thank you all for your help and support! For the next 10 days, it’s going to be a “glamorous” adventure… Just received my confirmation for […]

Southwark News: I lived with Amazon tribe…

This article was released on Thursday 9th May 2013 recognising Sarah’s film, Amazon Souls as a dream which started from a lesson on the Amazon at school and turning it into a lifetime achievement. (Published 2013)

Southwark Glory

  “Today’s South London Press, page 8  Press released!” 3rd May 2013       South London Press online about “Amazon Souls” – Read all about it!  7th May 2013   “I finally managed to scan and laminate the SLP article today… take a closer look…” 8th May 2013   “Check out today’s Southwark […]

South London Press Newspaper: I was accepted in Amazonian tribe in an unimaginable way!

This feature article was released on Friday 3rd May 2013 acknowledging Sarah’s achievement as a Filmmaker from South London with Amazon Souls officially selected for the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner 2013. South London Press Newspaper: I was accepted in Amazonian tribe in an unimaginable way! (Online version. Published 2013)

Charlotte Sharman Proud

Walking through West Square Park, remembering the times with my Father when he would pick me up from school and we would picnic at the park, climb trees, pick berries, play with other kids.. but holding onto my tears on my way to meet the journalist because the make up was still fresh… A trip […]

What a way to start the morning! Listening to my favourite book whilst getting ready for the day. I’m going to share a secret with you…

Whilst reading this book, I was reminded of the journey and the progress of my “personal legend”, the omens, the people along the way who came to guide me, the oracle/palm reader who planted the seeds of travel in my mind, “You will be travelling the world,” he said amongst many other interesting things that are […]