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Sky Rainforest Rescue in partnership with WWF review Amazon Souls after Anna Martinsson attends private screening in London

Anna Martinsson from SKY, in partnership with WWF attended the private screening of Amazon Souls this Wednesday evening and this is the review she wrote. Please have a read. “… Amazon Souls is a creation of Sarah Begum, whose childhood dream to spend time living with a remote Amazon tribe was brought to life aged […]

Rainforest Alliance UK, USA & Canada publish an interview with Sarah Begum about life with the Huaorani tribe on their Frog Blog

Rainforest Alliance publish an interview with me on their Frog Blog – check it out!  Working together to raise awareness of the Rainforests in our world… “At the age of 21, Sarah Begum pursued her childhood dream by embarking on a trip of a lifetime to Ecuador to live in the Amazon Rainforest with the Huaorani […]

Campaigning against oil exploitation in the Amazon Rainforest

Today is a crucial day for the future of Yasuní, home of some of the last uncontacted indigenous tribes in the world. Please tell the President of Ecuador your support to the Yasuní-ITT Initiative and help us to protect these people and their territories. Tweet the President to @mashirafael and share the hashtag#NoToquenElYasuni #SaveYasuniNow – 15th August […]

Amazon Souls Private screening in London @ Sanctum Cinema, Sanctum Soho Hotel on 14th August 2013 with Rainforest charities

Last night’s private screening of “Amazon Souls” documentary was a great success thanks to all those who came to watch, support and spread the message. Rainforest charities include: Sky Rainforest Recue, Rainforest Concern, WWF, Rainforest Alliance, Rainforest Concern, Rainforest Foundation UK Did I mention, I have the most AMAZING friends who thought of all the […]

Homeless in London

I travelled into Central London for a meeting that was cancelled. But my mission was to make sure that it wasn’t a wasted journey so I sat in Charing Cross sipping Vanilla Chai and pondered about going inside the church to enquire about homelessness. One hour later, I decided to make my way back home […]