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Amazon Souls: Thoughts behind the journey so far

I’m looking over all my posts since the beginning of Amazon Souls… From conception to delivery, it took me four long, hard years to complete. An experience no degree could offer me. Sickening patience. Obsessive work ethics. Sacrifice. Sacrifice. Sacrifice. A tunnel of darkness. Obstacles after obstacles. Endurance; the pain kept multiplying. Life; challenges rained on […]

Once Upon A Time In The Amazon Rainforest… Guru Magazine (Supported by the Wellcome Trust) have published an article Sarah wrote for the October/ November Issue 14. Pages 52, 53 &54

“…ready to survive like the natives have done since the beginning of time. Set for adventure, thirsty for action, I was ready to live the dream I had kept alive for so long. And I was making a documentary to chronicle everything I saw…”   “As I hunted with the legendary warriors, I saw that, […]