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Mission Philippines: Emergency Food Distribution for the Typhoon Haiyan victims with Global Aid Trust, November 2013

On November 8th 2013, Philippines experienced the strongest super typhoon ever to hit land, killing thousands of people and destroying their homes. Millions have been affected and many are still left hopeless. Seven days after Typhoon Haiyan hit, I joined Global Aid Trust to distribute emergency food supplies to the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan in the Northern […]

I’m in Singapore waiting for my connecting flight to Manila, Philippines.

After being refused entry into the country because my passport was damaged in the Amazon jungle 3 years ago and couldn’t be scanned, I sat near a pool of fish at the terminal and met a local Filipino who shared his thoughts about the effects of the typhoon on the locals there and showed me a […]

About to take off for the Philippines… First stop: Singapore.

Please update me on any news, information, contacts, events and most importantly, pray for all those people out there to receive aid in time before death catches them. Help save their lives by donating to charities such as Global Aid Trust to provide more supplies. You can do this by visiting my Just Giving page […]

Final Briefing

Awaiting final briefing for the mission early hours of the morning. Preparing camera equipment. Watching the people: heart breaking as I’m getting ready for action in the disaster zone. Please donate to the Philippines cause and help save lives!

The last few days have been a race against time and resources but I’ve pulled through.

Ok. Before I leave, I’ve created a Just Giving page and encourage you all to please help me raise funds for my chosen charity, Global Aid Trust who are providing aid for the victims of the typhoon disaster in the Philippines. I will be the first woman to go on an exploration mission with them […]

Philippines Wish

Last night, I watched the people of the Phillipines suffer after the strongest typhoon ever to hit land destroyed their homes and killed many. I drowned myself to sleep with tears in my eyes and donated to the cause to charities, wishing I could physically transport myself to help them. This morning, my dream presented […]