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A trip down memory lane really does make you realise how far you have arrived and how much further you have yet to go…

I was invited back to my old college to speak to Year 10 GCSE girls about their futures at the Future First workshop this morning. I met girls who were ambitious and needed guidance then I discovered that gem who has no idea who she will become one day. Knowledge and experience is invaluable in […]

Explorers annual ritual @ The Adventure Travel Show – Kesington, Olymia, London

The final screenings at the preview of “The Adventure Travel Film Festival” was incredible!! Jon Muir, Australian Adventurer blew me away on a self filmed documentary where he literally travelled through Australia by foot, unaided and even lost his companion, a dog by the name of Sarah Finn, along the way. He hunted, ate snakes, […]

The past four years, I have travelled to many beautiful places and met many amazing people.

It’s so lovely to receive the occasional phone call or message from the people you have touched along the way, knowing how much they care about you and that you have made a mark in their lives in a positive way and most importantly, knowing how much that mark matters to them as much as […]

Time is precious. It never stops and it never stays but eventually, it all runs out…

Live in the moment this year and use every second of your time wisely doing things that matter whether focusing on achieving your goals, investing in yourself, learning new things or spending with those you love. In the bank of life, time is all we have to do what we want with and the account […]


WOW! What a year it’s been for me… probably one of my best years so far…2013… After devoting 3 years of my life in pure love, tears and serious hard work and with the help of many industry experts and mentors, in January 2013, I FINALLY finished making Amazon Souls! With press releases in early […]