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Discovery Channel’s #MYWB Finalist, Sarah Begum #20

Good news – Discovery Channel UK have made me one of the top 25 Finalists for their “Make Your World Bigger” competition.The selected image is of me with an elderly woman, Khadija, from the Berber tribe in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco who adopted me as her daughter. I would really appreciate it if you could please click […]

A Taste of Wales

Wales (Cymru) is full of hidden treasures. Last year, I climbed mount Snowdon in the middle of the night. This year, I admired the serene green scenery in the capital, Cardiff whilst learning about the culture.  Views from Caerphilly Castle When in Cardiff, I met a man who told me the story about his daughter. […]

Spirit of Adventure Award from the Captain Scott Society

I won the “Spirit Of Adventure” Award from the Captain Scott Society for my “Life in the Darien Gap” expedition and was invited to the society’s annual dinner in the Captain Scott Room at the Royal Hotel in Cardiff, Wales as their 2014 winner. The annual award was given to further the objectives of adventure […]

Krakow, POLAND 2014: I’m lying in bed still recovering from the intensity of the past 2 weeks and thinking. Just reflecting…

Things that stood out: Polish views on British Polish views on Polish living in Britain Wedding ring worn on the right hand The MP’s office żubrówka Kazimierz – The Jewish District Families affected by WW2 Local thoughts on the future of Poland Film about Czesław Niemen for the opening ceremony of the 54th Krakow Film […]

City of Knives by Sarah Begum

Politics with Ukraine and Russia currently have Poland on edge. I was exposed to a different kind of conflict. Krakow is known as the most dangerous city in Europe, divided by ruthless football gangs. “The Sharks” and the “Jude Gang” have been at Holy War with each other for over twenty years. The “City of Knives” […]