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Rock climbing in Parque Nacional La Guairita for the first time…

All buckled up. I lowered my nerves before sinking into a black hole – the first descent, repelled into a crevasse. The climb up was a mission shifting my bum, back, knees and using all the power in my legs to keep propelling forward. But eventually, I reached the surface of the earth. Hmmm… I […]

The Guardian publishes “Amazon Souls”

I have received many messages asking where the full documentary can be viewed. Stay tuned on the Amazon Souls FB page and I will announce exactly where and when it will be available as soon as I know. For those who have already watched the film at festivals and private screenings, please feel free […]

Venezuela: Life in Caracas – Marina Grande Beach, La Guaira

With one week holiday and no plans, what were two house mates to do? SARAH: I want to explore the city. ERIK: Let’s go to the beach! SARAH: Let’s do it! (High five each other)   Marina Grande Beach in La Guaira is located just outside of Caracas, Venezuela. A private beach. Secluded and void of danger. […]

Venezuela: Life in Caracas – Surviving the City

In Venezuela, there is a huge shortage of essential products; shower gel, shampoo, milk, laundry detergent , deodorant, soap and even tissue paper!! So, how do the people survive? Well, they don’t live in this country. They survive this country. I spent the last  month doing just that.   At the street market indulging in […]

Venezuela: Life in Caracas – Caiza Crime Story

I just finished emptying the last succulent bite of the closest to English breakfast I could put together. Ah!   BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP-P-P!!!   The sound of the alarm echoed in my ears. An eerie feeling filled my stomach. What just happened? My housemate, Raul stormed into the living room with both hands on his head in […]

The Independent newspaper in the UK have published a story on my Amazonian ‪#‎adventure‬.

British filmmaker Sarah Begum ‘marries’ Ecuadorian tribal warrior

Queen of the Amazon: British filmmaker ‘marries’ Ecuadorian tribal warrior after meeting him when she went to the country to film documentary

Venezuela: Life in Caracas – Alone in the urban wild… danger?!

After dancing all night and walking all morning, I wanted to relax in a cool bar and be set free alone into the wild urban metropolis that is Caracas. Unchained and untamed in Altamira, a very cool and safe part of the city, I was on the hunt for the 360 rooftop bar I found […]

Venezuela: Life in Caracas – Emergency! 9-No-1

The blood boiled in my veins. Thoughts scattered whilst trying to gather simultaneously. How on earth did I get myself in this situation? I went to change into my flats from the token high heels I adored so much. I had forgotten something. I turned to head back into my room but water caught me […]

Venezuela: Life in Caracas – “Poems for Peace”

I was waiting at the bank in Caracas in a queue or “cola” as they call it here and impatience took over my mood as the waiting seemed to never end. An elderly man walked in and stood at the end of the queue. I felt bad that he was standing up and wanted him to […]