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Leo and Alejandra’s Rock n Roll Wedding

Last night I attended my first ever Venezuelan rock and roll wedding celebrating the matrimony of Leo and Alejandra with Alex and Laura at the peak of Los Campitos Mountain. The groom took to the stage. All lights and eyes on him. He picked up his electric guitar, twinkle and emotion in his eyes. His […]

Living ‪Dangerously‬

Living ‪#‎Dangerously‬ … Speeding on the highway, cruising in between vehicles whilst dodging traffic at a pace so fast I thought the helmet was going to fly off my head, taking the rest of me with it… Adrenaline pumped through my body. Set aflame and the addiction kept spreading.. I held on tight before loosening […]

Venezuelan Names

‪#‎BitesizeBlog‬ on Venezuelan names… JAYFER: Hello, my name is Jayfer. SARAH: Jayfer? JAYFER: Yes. I know, it’s a bit strange but it’s Venezuelan. … Venezuelan names are made up. Formed with two letters from the mother, two letters from the father and two letters from someone or something else. They have no meaning besides the story […]

Venezuelan Beauty Standards

Here in Venezuela, they have some of the most beautiful women in the world and almost every woman has the perfect hour glass figure. Plastic surgery is very common and sought after whilst being extremely cheap compared to other parts of the world. After all, it is the country of Miss Venezuela, who wins the […]

Venezuela: Life in Caracas – La Colonia Tovar

I woke up with a deep ache for Germany. That Deutschland dream was calling me, to the most exotic of places. Inside clouds many miles away from the civilisation I was only just adjusting to… On top of a mountain and the southern most tip at the end of the Andes… Never did I know […]