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Speaking at the International Travel Crisis Management – Summit

Really excited to be speaking at next month’s International Travel Crisis Management Summit on a panel alongside other TV Presenters and the movers and shakers of the travel industry:

San Miguel The New Rich List – Sarah Begum – World Trailblazer

Here’s a nice throwback to that time I was photographed by Paul Blundell and The Guardian for The San Miguel ‘New Rich List’ about enriching explorers and world trailblazers. Never saw the video until now:

The Sacred Lake

My article on ‘The Sacred Lake’… Approximately one million years ago, a meteor hit West Africa, causing the impact to form a 6.5-mile wide crater in the depths of Ghana. Long periods of heavy rainfall transformed this crater into a natural meteoric lake – Lake Bosomtwe, now listed as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and considered […]