A few hours on the last scene and just a few more days before I have lovely final video edit together :-)

23rd July 2012. Comments:

Dominic Willson: How long is it?

Sarah Begum: The whole film at the moment is currently under 45mins but planning to just make tweaks now and fine cut :-) Can’t wait!!!

Dominic Willson: Great work xx

Sarah Begum: Thanks Dom…but there’s still work to do after picture lock and really excited about it!!  xx

Dominic Willson: It’s come a long way since those late nights up in the edit suite, huh?

Sarah Begum: Yes, I remember those nights …many months of transcribing, translating and cutting…It has taken a long, long time but I’m so close to the finish line now. Just wish my Dad was still alive to see what I was so busy with the last couple of years…hope you’re well though xx

Dominic Willson: Yeah, we have both come a long way since then, but still have far to go. I’m good but like you missing people tonight that are no longer with us. Stay true xx

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