Full Bio

A Fellow of the Royal Geographical, Sarah Begum is an Immersive Investigative Journalist and an Anthropologist-Explorer. Sarah has been exploring the world, studying tribes and different ways of life whilst investigating current affairs and making a humanitarian effort to help people along the way.

In 2010, Sarah travelled deep into the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest, where she lived with the Huaorani tribe and immersed in their way of life, hunting with warriors, gathering with women whilst investigating into the impacts of oil exploitation on their land. On this expedition, Sarah was made Queen and married to a warrior to create an alliance and send their message about protecting their land through her film. Sarah became the youngest person to make a first film in the Amazon jungle at the age of 21 with a premiere of “Amazon Souls” held at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013. The film has been endorsed by rainforest charities Sky Rainforest Rescue, Rainforest Alliance, celebrity Adventurer Bear Grylls and continues to play in festivals around the world.

Sarah’s achievements include winning the “Spirit of Adventure Award” from the Captain Scott Society 2014 for her next big expedition, “Life In The Darien Gap”, shortlisted by the SES (Scientific Exploration Society) Explorer of the year Award 2014, Finalist of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship Award 2014, highly commended by The Adventure Fund in association with Sidetracked magazine.

Sarah’s photography has been recognised by the Discovery Channel featuring a photo she took with a woman from the Berber tribe who adopted her in the Atlas Mountains. Sarah has investigated into the mafia system in rural Sicily and how it has changed since the anti-mafia movement. She has stepped into the underworld of Poland’s most dangerous football hooligan gangs to understand what divides them. Undercover filming in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, Sarah gained an insight into the professional and personal life of a prostitute from an exclusive interview. Exploring the USA, Sarah captured stories from the Native Americans about how alcohol, gambling and unemployment created a lost nation in a modern world. In Bangladesh, Sarah witnessed spiritual possessions, exorcisms, forced marriages and challenged gender barriers setting standards for the new generation of Bengali women. Sarah has survived in some of the most dangerous cities in the world – Caracas, Venezuela as a journalist presenting international current affairs for an English news channel. In 2015, Sarah returned to the murder capital of the world in Caracas, Venezuela to investigate the social, political and economic impacts on life in the city and to explore the most dangerous slums in Latin America.

In February 2014, Sarah collaborated with a World Award Winning body painter and came up with the idea to create, “Adventurion 3D-360″, confirmed by the Guinness World Records as the first ever adventure themed 3D UV chromadepth bodypaint to be captured on both linear and 360 camera lens, representing the past, present and future of exploration. This concept combines adventure, art, science, space and new film technology. Through her partnership with Rainforest Concern, Sarah aims to raise proceeds for her tribe in the Amazon.

Sarah trains in martial arts and is an activist for environmental, human and women’s rights issues amongst many others, striving to shine light upon issues internationally.

A partnership with Russ Malkin of Big Earth Productions, they set up The Adventuress Club, a platform to connect, share, empower and encourage women through the world of adventure. As a public speaker, Sarah aims to inspire people to live their dreams no matter how impossible it may seem whilst teaching them about the world we live in through her adventures touching on anthropology, exploration, film, environment, human right’s, women’s rights and other global topics rooted in her work.

She continues to attract recognition from great collaborators and institutions for her work and is always seeking new adventures, collaborating with high profile talents across all industries while breaking the barriers and exceeding limits.