In September 2013, Sarah travelled to Morocco for 5 weeks in search of inspiration and to experience life in Marrakech and the Atlas mountains. It was in Ourika Valley where Sarah fell in love whilst investigating into the Berber tribes. Life in these mountains echoed a sense of serenity dipped in a pool of simplicity within her and the peace she experienced was vibrating on a higher plane of existence. After 10 days in the mountains, psychedelically charged, Sarah arrived to base camp in Marrakech and nothing was the same. Colours and scents burst in all different directions. When night fell, Sarah dodged the money hungry tourist hunters and survived the motorcycling killing machines to discover the Moroccan culture as warm, caring and for Sarah, forced her to be even more daring!


Blog: Morocco: Life, Lessons, Laugher & Love.

Trailer: Berbers of Ourika Valley



In the Atlas Mountains of Morocco ,┬áSarah smiles with Khadija after being adopted as her daughter and initiated into the Berber tribe. Sarah was granted the honour of becoming the first person ever to take this extraordinary woman’s photograph, earning her a Finalist title on Discovery Channel’s “Make Your World Bigger” networks.