“Ban Live Exports” – Activists in Dover

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As soon as I stepped in Dover, a gentleman who busied himself propping up a sign that read, “BAN LIVE EXPORTS” caught my eye. Every first Saturday of the month from 12 noon to 3:00pm, Ian and his partner Yvonne along with other members of the community under an organisation named, “Kaale” protest against live exports on the Dover ferry by their iconic White Cliffs. KAALE is ‘Kent Action Against Live Exports’. It was timing and fate that brought us together. I approached him to ask about his campaign and he elaborated by explaining in this video:

Over the last 20 years, they have made a significant difference in reducing the amount of live exports smuggled into the other side. Passionate about the cause, armed with many other members of the community, they continue to make a difference by raising awareness in an effort to stop animal cruelty in live exports. More information about their work can be found on www.kaale.org.uk

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I was offered fresh Kentish apples for my trek to the white cliffs as a kind gesture. What a greeting. Off we went into the hills and far away…

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