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Speaking at the International Travel Crisis Management – Summit

Really excited to be speaking at next month’s International Travel Crisis Management Summit on a panel alongside other TV Presenters and the movers and shakers of the travel industry:

San Miguel The New Rich List – Sarah Begum – World Trailblazer

Here’s a nice throwback to that time I was photographed by Paul Blundell and The Guardian for The San Miguel ‘New Rich List’ about enriching explorers and world trailblazers. Never saw the video until now:

The Sacred Lake

My article on ‘The Sacred Lake’… Approximately one million years ago, a meteor hit West Africa, causing the impact to form a 6.5-mile wide crater in the depths of Ghana. Long periods of heavy rainfall transformed this crater into a natural meteoric lake – Lake Bosomtwe, now listed as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and considered […]

The Jungle Book, Calais

The Jungle Book, Day 1: After dropping off my donations at the L’auberge des migrants’ warehouse, I hitched a ride with a group of determined volunteers from Ireland to what is now known in the Calais jungle as “The Jungle Book”…. I didn’t take my camera. All journalists are told not to film children or […]

Amazon Souls releases on iTunes (2015)

The moment I’ve been waiting for after five long, hard years of ploughing through production, post production, festivals, pitching, distribution and all the nitty gritty bits and bobs in between that goes left unseen… Amazon Souls has finally released to the public and I’m so excited to share it with the world. The first network […]

Inside Petare – Not Your Average Slum House

Dubbed as “the murder capital of the world” and notorious for it’s soaring crime rate, Caracas has endured the great mountainous landscape of Petare for the last few decades. Struck by poverty, people have built their homes (benchmarking “jenga”) one on top of another with no real solid structure and with whatever materials they could afford or […]

Last Night in Rome – Vatican City and Trastevere

From Ancient Egyptian relics brought by Cleopatra’s influence, sacred statues of iconic figures to Leonardo Da Vinci, Michaelangelo and Raphael’s paintings, the Vatican Museum holds some of history’s most important pieces of art, making it the second largest and the most important museum in the world. I lost track of the number of churches and […]

Nolstagia in Palatine Hill and The Forum, Rome

Something strange happened yesterday… I walked through the beautiful ancient ruins of the Palatine hill into the Forum with a nostalgic feeling hanging over my head. Everything seemed familiar to me. Never has a city captured me this much. Intoxicated by it, the most beautiful city in the world… It was only when I neared […]

Colosseum in Rome

Rome. Ahhhh. At long last. We meet. For many years, I’ve dreamt of visiting the Colosseum and that dream has been achieved. To be able to walk through the ancient ruins where the Gladiators trained to entertain, fighting to the death and even with exotic animals in what was once Ancient Rome, to walk into […]

Essere Animali – Saving Animals Interview at Florence Exhibition

Walking through the beautiful streets of Florence, the intricate detail on the walls and within the architecture astounded me. The Cathedral, the leather markets, the language, the hand gestures, the stoned walls… Then, I walked into a photography exhibition raising awareness of poorly treated animals in farms, why it’s a good choice to become vegan […]