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Amazon Souls releases on iTunes (2015)

The moment I’ve been waiting for after five long, hard years of ploughing through production, post production, festivals, pitching, distribution and all the nitty gritty bits and bobs in between that goes left unseen… Amazon Souls has finally released to the public and I’m so excited to share it with the world. The first network […]

The Guardian publishes “Amazon Souls”

I have received many messages asking where the full documentary can be viewed. Stay tuned on the Amazon Souls FB page and I will announce exactly where and when it will be available as soon as I know. For those who have already watched the film at festivals and private screenings, please feel free […]

Venezuela: Life in Caracas – Caiza Crime Story

I just finished emptying the last succulent bite of the closest to English breakfast I could put together. Ah!   BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP-P-P!!!   The sound of the alarm echoed in my ears. An eerie feeling filled my stomach. What just happened? My housemate, Raul stormed into the living room with both hands on his head in […]

The Independent newspaper in the UK have published a story on my Amazonian ‪#‎adventure‬.

British filmmaker Sarah Begum ‘marries’ Ecuadorian tribal warrior

Queen of the Amazon: British filmmaker ‘marries’ Ecuadorian tribal warrior after meeting him when she went to the country to film documentary

City of Knives by Sarah Begum

Politics with Ukraine and Russia currently have Poland on edge. I was exposed to a different kind of conflict. Krakow is known as the most dangerous city in Europe, divided by ruthless football gangs. “The Sharks” and the “Jude Gang” have been at Holy War with each other for over twenty years. The “City of Knives” […]

Here’s a link to my video diary from the Philippines Typhoon Haiyan Mission last year:

In Cebu, some houses have been rebuilt. But a close source told me that Tacloban is still in pieces and towns nearby, are still in need of help after the media focused their attention predominantly on Tacloban.  

Domestic Violence by Vogue…

Many domestic violence cases go unreported and the victims suffer extremely by being trapped in this unhealthy environment, which they become accustomed to, thinking it is “normal” and will pass. It never does. More people need to speak out and those victims, they really need our help before they resort to ending their lives from the […]