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Amazon Souls releases on iTunes (2015)

The moment I’ve been waiting for after five long, hard years of ploughing through production, post production, festivals, pitching, distribution and all the nitty gritty bits and bobs in between that goes left unseen… Amazon Souls has finally released to the public and I’m so excited to share it with the world. The first network […]

Inside Petare – Not Your Average Slum House

Dubbed as “the murder capital of the world” and notorious for it’s soaring crime rate, Caracas has endured the great mountainous landscape of Petare for the last few decades. Struck by poverty, people have built their homes (benchmarking “jenga”) one on top of another with no real solid structure and with whatever materials they could afford or […]

“Inspired” at a Venezuelan orphanage, Hogar Bambi

I’ve always wanted to adopt. As a child, I have always felt adopted, being the black sheep amongst my siblings. The urge to give a child the opportunity of a better life with love was the goal. This was the closest I had ever been to almost adopting twenty kids! I was invited by Hogar Bambi, an orphanage in […]

Celebrity Cruises Guest Speaker

After 16 days at sea, my cruise has come to an end. I learnt how to relax, made wonderful new friends, explored cities and sights I had always fantasized about (Tenerife, Malaga, Cartagena, Barcelona, Nice, Florence, Pisa, Rome) and most importantly, delivered presentations on the Amazon Souls, Berbers of Ourika Valley, The Lost Nation Road […]

Leo and Alejandra’s Rock n Roll Wedding

Last night I attended my first ever Venezuelan rock and roll wedding celebrating the matrimony of Leo and Alejandra with Alex and Laura at the peak of Los Campitos Mountain. The groom took to the stage. All lights and eyes on him. He picked up his electric guitar, twinkle and emotion in his eyes. His […]

Venezuela: Life in Caracas – La Colonia Tovar

I woke up with a deep ache for Germany. That Deutschland dream was calling me, to the most exotic of places. Inside clouds many miles away from the civilisation I was only just adjusting to… On top of a mountain and the southern most tip at the end of the Andes… Never did I know […]

Venezuela: Life in Caracas – The Flintstones Gym with Johnny Bravo

Parque Los Caobos is a beautiful public park where I stumbled upon Los Picapiedras – “The Flintstones Gym”. I noticed men training in weights made of cement. I had only ever seen such a scene in an episode of the cartoon, “Flintstones”. I thought I was well in need of training after eating all that […]

Venezuela: Life in Caracas – El Volcan – Downhill Bikers

Helmets, armour and adrenaline in place. All geared up. Ready for action. I watched as the bikers picked their spot. Jumping spot. On top of the mountain… “El Volcan” based in La Boyera, is the only place in Caracas to indulge in downhill biking, created by the bikers themselves. Bikers have practised this extreme sport for around […]

Venezuela: Life in Caracas – New Year 2015

When the holiday season hits Venezuela, families get ready to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve together whether in or out of the country. What do singles do? Well, they hit private parties or the beach. In style. An “exotic” Christmas or New Year indeed. December is known as “Berbiembre”, marking the drinking tradition at the beginning […]

Venezuela: Life in Caracas – Surviving the City

In Venezuela, there is a huge shortage of essential products; shower gel, shampoo, milk, laundry detergent , deodorant, soap and even tissue paper!! So, how do the people survive? Well, they don’t live in this country. They survive this country. I spent the last  month doing just that.   At the street market indulging in […]