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The Lost Nation

I am incredibly excited to announce that a preview from my USA mid-west road trip (long overdue) is now LIVE! Enjoy “The Lost Nation”:     Feel free to comment and share the message of these lovely people from the many tribes I’ve encountered on this journey. A HUGE thanks to everyone who allowed me […]

Cartagena’s Archaeological Artefacts

Cartegena is literally an archaeological site scattered with ancient Roman ruins with more and more relics being found every day. Archaeologists excavate away in what used to be a banqueting room as I explore what is to become part of an ancient Roman park in a few years time. The Atrium Building was built at […]

Lottery winner in Tenerife and castle view in Malaga

Tenerife was interesting traversing through the old town in La Laguna to see the detailed architecture in their very many cathedrals. Such a small island… I bumped into a woman by the name of Savita, from India and for the first time in my life, I met someone who won the lottery and decided to […]

Living ‪Dangerously‬

Living ‪#‎Dangerously‬ … Speeding on the highway, cruising in between vehicles whilst dodging traffic at a pace so fast I thought the helmet was going to fly off my head, taking the rest of me with it… Adrenaline pumped through my body. Set aflame and the addiction kept spreading.. I held on tight before loosening […]

Venezuelan Names

‪#‎BitesizeBlog‬ on Venezuelan names… JAYFER: Hello, my name is Jayfer. SARAH: Jayfer? JAYFER: Yes. I know, it’s a bit strange but it’s Venezuelan. … Venezuelan names are made up. Formed with two letters from the mother, two letters from the father and two letters from someone or something else. They have no meaning besides the story […]

Venezuelan Beauty Standards

Here in Venezuela, they have some of the most beautiful women in the world and almost every woman has the perfect hour glass figure. Plastic surgery is very common and sought after whilst being extremely cheap compared to other parts of the world. After all, it is the country of Miss Venezuela, who wins the […]

Venezuela: Life in Caracas – New Year 2015

When the holiday season hits Venezuela, families get ready to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve together whether in or out of the country. What do singles do? Well, they hit private parties or the beach. In style. An “exotic” Christmas or New Year indeed. December is known as “Berbiembre”, marking the drinking tradition at the beginning […]

The Adventure Travel Film Festival 2014

Once we made the ember, they placed it in my tinder bundle and I blew until the flames emerged from my bare hands. I smiled as the crowd gathered… It was the first time I had made a fire from scratch using the bow drill, wearing a pair of white leather and wooden funky high […]