Adventurion 3D-360

After meeting the world award winning bodypainter, Victoria Gugenheim at the BFI in December 2013 and inspired by her work, Sarah conceived the idea to create the world’s first ever adventure themed 3D UV chromadepth body painting to be filmed in both 360 and linear camera lens, which she produced, directed and acted in. Sponsored by Pinewood Studios, Take 2, Brownian Cameras, SP Locations, Wardour Films and with a brilliant team, they executed the project on February 8th 2014 achieving a “World’s First”, confirmed by the Guinness World Records.

Adventurion 3D-360 represents the past, present and future of exploration in this short film based on Sarah’s adventures with remote tribes from around the world and her cosmic dream to day explore space.

Sarah is born into the world as Venus and transforms into Adventurion 3D-360, a tribal deity representing the past, present and future of exploration. When the 3D UV message is brought to life on Sarah’s body, the action begins and we are exposed to the future of adventure, the exploration of space and the constant searching of the unknown.

The film, Adventurion 3D-360 will be released in late 2014 and 20% of the profits generated from any commercial sales will be donated to the Huaorani tribe through the charity, Rainforest Concern for their efforts in conserving their ancestral land, Yasuni National Park against exploitation in the Amazon Rainforest.


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