Life in the Darien Gap

Sarah will embark on a mission, leading a team of male experts through the Darien Gap to discover the links between the ancient petroglyphs and what they mean to us today whilst searching for new “undiscovered” petroglyphs in the area. Sarah will immerse in the indigenous tribes’ way of life, capture their stories, highlight the Darien’s history and investigate the unknown. Battling harsh challenges in one of the most dangerous jungles in the world, her team will then cross into the Colombian side of the Darien to continue the search for ancient clues of the past.


Sarah is the Winner of the Spirit of Adventure Award 2014 from the Captain Scott Society, a Finalist of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship Award  and was Shortlisted for the SES (Scientific Exploration Society) Explorer of the Year Award 2014 for this project. She has also been accredited with the “Highly Commended” Award by Sidetracked magazine from The Adventure Fund. With interest from various organisations to collaborate on making an exceptional expedition and documentary, she seeks to set out on her next big adventure, exploring, immersing and investigating “Life in the Darien Gap”.


Presenter: Sarah Begum

Life in the Darien Gap with Sarah Begum from Sarah Begum on Vimeo.











Photos courtesy of Robert E Hyman and Rick Morales

MOGUE, THE DARIEN, PANAMA, JULY 31, 2006: A old Embera Indian man wearing traditional body paint takes a break from cutting trees near the small Embera village of Mogue. While Mogue is made of tatched roof houses, today most Emberas say that they would trade their traditionnal tatched roof houses,  for a drab looking ciment block house, which doesn't need to be rebuilt every six years. For now, the traditional homes and lifestyle some revenue to Mogue, as visitors must pay a fee to enter what is one the most traditional and accessible Embera village left, as well as to sleep there, or take pictures there with a