Cherries on top of the cake…

“Filming the last scene of my documentary right now!” 13th June 2012


Su Nubia: Exciting!!!!!

Sarah Begum: and again tomorrow, I hope :-)


“Just finished adding all the extra footage/cutaways and clips I thought would make you laugh…now I’m going to let it marinate whilst I enjoy the sun and refresh my mind before coming back to cook it up. Also, need to re write script. Now I know why adding music so soon was a bad idea…haha” 18th August 2012


Christian J Murray: Carry on :-)

Simon Thorne: ur learning!

Sarah Begum: Slowly but surely, Simon. I still remember that very first day you took me under your wing and said, “There’s no rush to this. The best way to do it is to master your craft, and that takes time but in the end, it’s worth it…Now, your first step to is to transcribe everything!” Haha…You know what? I definitely am learning…thank you :-)

“I finished filming the second half of my intro scene…just need to do the first half in Central London…” 6th January 2013

“Temp vo is in place, temp intro scene in place, just waiting on scene from the woods before sending off for next viewing. But…need to re shoot intro and make changes on script for the final cut…waiting for snow to clear…so close!” 21st January 2013

“Yesss!!! Just got hold of the woods scene…editing the second half of my intro right now, on my way to The Adventure Travel Show 2013 then re shooting the first half of my intro on Sunday  Up, up and AWwaaaaaaaayyy” 26th January 2013

“Filming the last scene today all around London Town!” 27th January 2013

Sarah Begum: Touchdown edit suit! Time to finish that film, export it and send it off for viewing first thing tomorrow morning! In the meantime, putting the treatment together for my next documentary…


“DVD sent off for viewing…awaiting feedback and confirmation for picture lock… Ready to work on script tomorrow but in the meantime…MUST work out the budget…!” 28th January 2013


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