Final Briefing

Awaiting final briefing for the mission early hours of the morning. Preparing camera equipment. Watching the people: heart breaking as I’m getting ready for action in the disaster zone. Please donate to the Philippines cause and help save lives!

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  1. Dennis

    Sarah,, hi there,, it was nice to know a complete stranger in an unexpected place in the most random of circumstance but share a unanimous point of view with things.. i had a great time sharing my thoughts with you. Im watching tv right now and i see some journalists create a documentary on how people struggle to find their lost loved ones,, and how their presentation helped reconect lives. I think that there are a lot of journalists who has covered the devastation the typhoon has left and the situation of the people there. You might want to take this one.. my co worker on the ship who happens to live near tacloban said to me that they were supposed to have some festivities this coming december 3..but it was cancelled. Insteadthe church asked the people to do novenas for the souls and pray to god for the recovery of their community,. You may want to dwell on the spiritual side of the filipino people and how they overcome such adversities. Its a very dramatic scene to catch people praying together in the dim light of the dusk.. also you can explore on how the people manage to smile.. filipinos are resilient..

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