Germany 2012

When I met a German man from Hamburg on a balcony in London, my stereotypical impression of Germans transformed. It made me realise that you can never have a realistic impression of any culture until you experience it for yourself. Born and raised in England, the World Wars 1 and 11 were the only impressions I had of Germany. I wanted to know more. I was curious to find out what Germany was like now and what the people and mindset there were like too. Fascinated by one person, I wanted to learn about the whole culture. So the very next month, I jumped on a plane to find out…


Germany Day 1: Touchdown in Hamburg and the first sign I read in German was ‘Burger’, which means ‘Citizen’…Cruised around a beautiful town that just turned 850 years old with coconut and mango ice cream and my ‘Ham-Burger’  before ‘Meeting the Lesko’s’ and learning a couple more words but pronouncing them really badly :-S… It’s been an action packed day but today…I’m about to attempt traveling to the city, and no, I didn’t bring a phrasebook – wish me luck!


Day 2: Walked into the red light district by accident, saw beautiful sights in the city and cruised around Hamburg on a ship before heading out to a classy casino where Patrice got lucky! Then, we checked in to a cool club where we danced into the night…

Germany Day 3: We spent half the day locked in a bunch of steamy rooms with a bunch of naked Germans rubbing yoghurt and honey all over themselves…it was a pretty strange experience for me but that’s how they roll in their saunas…then relaxed in an ancient German spa village with more naked Germans…it was like being with my tribe all over again! Ended in the night partying in the red light district…


Germany Day 4: Road Trip to Berlin with a marine and a hippie, enjoyed Greek cuisine before heading out to watch the Germany vs Greece match in a pub garden and soaked in the city night in a cool bar…






Germany Day 5: Enjoyed a big German brunch to start off the day and ended up walking for hours in Berlin’s street party with gay and lesbian entertainers, buses, supporters etc…it was super cool as the whole city was partying wherever you went…then visited Checkpoint Charlie, The Brandenburger tor and bits of the Berlin Wall to absorb history…snacked on currywurst before shopping for dinner in a 24hour market/grocery area then forgot to go out and just slept!






Germany Day 6: Another delicious brunch to start off the day before visiting the TV Tower…then plotted ourselves in the middle of a smoking packed bar watching the very intense England vs Italy match…we may be out this time but there’s always a next time…so cheer up England 


berlin 9


Germany Day 7: Road Trip back to Hamburg where I will be relaxing for the next few days with my favourite German… 



Touchdown London…back to work!


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