Calais Jungle, France

In 2016, Sarah hit the streets to the Calais Jungle in France to meet with the refugees and see the conditions they were surviving in so she could help in the best way to meet their needs. Sneaking in to steal their stories and snapping a few sly shots, journalists were not appreciated in the jungle. Sarah made the decision to leave her camera aside and instead, she delivered a drop-in workshop on entrepreneurship to the refugees, focusing on using their existing skills and talents as the primary asset to transform into a business. This would open up opportunities through the Auto-Entrepreneur programme in France, to set up a Limited company or register as Self-Employed in the UK or any other country they are granted asylum in. Focusing on the future by creating opportunities instead of hunting for opportunities, Sarah took her students on an adventure through a mini-business plan to realise each idea and taught them the value of using their time wisely in the jungle to advance and support their current situation.


Sarah Begum_Calais Jungle_10