Global Aid Trust, Philippines

Global Aid Trust, Philippines – 2013

On November 8th 2013, Philippines experienced the strongest typhoon ever to hit land, killing millions of people and destroying their homes, leaving many in a hopeless situation. After watching the news, Sarah felt emotionally charged to physically transport herself to the disaster and help these victims. A few days later, Sarah joined Global Aid Trust embarking on a mission in the Philippines to distribute aid supplies to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan and make a fundraising video for the cause. Global Aid Trust teamed up with IDCP (Islamic Da’wah Council of the Philippines) and they distributed food packs in the village of Lanao to 600 families, feeding 4500 people and relieving them of their suffering. Sarah walked through the disaster zone, was invited into what was left of their homes and they sent a message through her lens, a message to be fed, to be housed and to be saved from this catastrophe. Global Aid Trust aim to reconstruct housing for the people in that area as their next step of the mission.

Sarah continues to help this cause by fundraising:

On November 23rd 2013, the Philippines fundraising documentary was aired on Channel S as part of the LIVE appeal.

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