il Pigno, Sicily

il Pigno, Sicily, Italy – 2012

In February 2012, Sarah travelled to Sicily to live with a family in Pisano, Mount Etna, an active volcano. There, she worked on their eco project to help transform the 100 year old wine yard into an organic vegetable farm. From picking avocados, farmer’s markets, seeing operations take place in an orange warehouse, clearing vines off olive trees, understanding what it takes to solar power the whole farm whilst exploring the region, Sarah learnt how to adopt and adapt to an eco friendly lifestyle. Sarah also explored the ancient Roman ruins in Catania, the ancient Greek ruins in Agrigento, cave of Saint Rosalia and the beautiful culture of Palermo. One night, Sarah woke up in the middle of an earthquake. A week later, the volcano erupted.


Blog: Sarah’s Sicilian Adventure


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