Last Night in Rome – Vatican City and Trastevere

From Ancient Egyptian relics brought by Cleopatra’s influence, sacred statues of iconic figures to Leonardo Da Vinci, Michaelangelo and Raphael’s paintings, the Vatican Museum holds some of history’s most important pieces of art, making it the second largest and the most important museum in the world.



I lost track of the number of churches and cathedrals I walked in to see the intricate decorations of the interior. None failed to impress me.

Everywhere I walked, the whole city felt like a museum to me!

Traversing through Trastevere, Rome’s hip quarter, I indulge in home made cuisine (lasagne will never taste the same again anywhere else after the experience I just had). I set out into the night in search of more history… Instead, I discover Ben Stiller and Justin Bieber are shooting the next Zoolander here in Rome. ‪#‎MovieNews‬


On route back, I approached two military officials for directions and one kindly offered to write down the route for me whilst I practised Krav Maga with the other, stepping on his shoe and pushing his chin back. He smiled and then said, “People are wondering why I haven’t handcuffed you yet”.

I made it back to my apartment where my Italian housemates gave me more insight into their incredible culture.

I’m in love with Rome. ‪#‎MyLastNightInAncientRome‬

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