Leo and Alejandra’s Rock n Roll Wedding

Last night I attended my first ever Venezuelan rock and roll wedding celebrating the matrimony of Leo and Alejandra with Alex and Laura at the peak of Los Campitos Mountain.

The groom took to the stage. All lights and eyes on him. He picked up his electric guitar, twinkle and emotion in his eyes. His fellow band mates popped up on screen behind him; each of them from a different city around the world. The bride stood at the edge of the stage admiring the one she would http://nygoodhealth.com/product/intagra/ spend the rest of her life with, a black electric guitar perched in her hand, contrasting her white gown.

The music blasted through the speakers as the band mates performed in symphony to a LIVE performance by the groom. It was a beautiful moment to watch them come together on one of the most special days of his life with those he loved. Emotion trapped in everyone’s eyes as we looked on in wonder.

WOW! What a wedding. What a night. The people, incredible!

Sarah Begum Venezuelan rock n roll wedding

Venezuelan rock n roll wedding

Venezuelan rock n roll wedding2

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