Life is a beautiful mystery unravelling with each step we take….

When years pass by, a single thing can cause you to reflect on the beginnings. A face. A music track. A smell. A place. A name… Sometimes we build an entire empire all our lives to realise at some specific moment that something better is waiting to be discovered. The climax crashes and we drop everything to start from scratch because we truly believe in this revelation. Whether in a dream or in a conversation, we conceive it and nothing, absolutely NOTHING will stand in our way and stop us from achieving that goal. We are totally and utterly convinced by it. So the purposeful quest begins.

Flash forward to the future and all the things we have already become. It’s healthy to dream in such a way for moments every day.

I’ve learnt that time is precious so it is better invested in things that actually matter. When you plant a seed, water it, nourish it, watch it grow, it truly becomes something wonderful. Your creation ends up creating you. All it took was a vision and the passion to fuel it. In the map of life, it’s the most adventurous route to travel. Always…

Just remember to pack a few essential survival tools:


The rest you can pick up along the way…

Then bring yourself back to the present and start becoming the future.

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