My young cousin’s mindset… Children these days!

SARAH: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Aryan, (Age 7): Errr…when I grow up, I want to be a worker and work for somebody so I can have lots of money.
SARAH: What kind of work?
ARYAN: Erm, like mowing the lawn, scrubbing windows, anything!
ARYAN: So I can have lots of money and become rich!
SARAH: When do you want to start working?
ARYAN: Now! How can I start working?

ARYAN (Aged 7): Did you know that if you are famous, then you die! Like Michael Jackson…

SARAH: I can’t find the podcast!
ARYAN (Age 7): Did you press ipod?
SARAH: Do you think you are intelligent?
ARYAN: Spies are intelligent.
SARAH: Why are spies intelligent?
ARYAN: Because they have to know everything! Spies have to get stuff so they can success their mission.
SARAH: How do you know this?
ARYAN: I’m a spy at my house. When my dad tries to ground Jemima (Age 5), I take her away and hide her in her room.

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