Witamy Krakow, Poland! (Welcome to Krakow)


Why am I here? I have joined nine people from the UK to pitch a co-production idea to the Dragon’s Den and the Krakow Film Festival. That’s the mission. We are all expected to follow “The Hero’s Journey” – that’s the manual. My plan is to meet some very interesting people, hear their stories and check in and out of the most amazing places one cannot usually find. No idea what to expect and what will manifest. Let’s see…

After touch down at 10:10am, we spent most of the day touring around an open mini bus sorting out apartments, logistics and the basics for the next two weeks. #CoolTeam #Futurist #Music/SoundMan #InvestigativeJournalist/Producer #FellowFilmmakers



After 18 hours, I managed to finally consume solids. None better than the traditional Polish cabbage and mushroom dumplings at a local restaurant in Szlak.


 I caught a glimpse of the rainbow as I walked through the main square. Time alone is essential to absorb the environment before immersing in it completely.


You would think that they would be in need of essentials like food, water, shelter… But beer?

IMG_4826He calls himself “Heat“. I heard this young man sing his heart out under one of Krakow’s most popular tourist attractions, St. Florian’s Gate. I passed him as I was trying to navigate my way around the city and on my final pass, I noticed him pack up so I decided to approach him and find out what brought him here, so young. Hear him play at JackAcousticSessions


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