The strange just kept getting stranger….

POLAND 2014 - KRAKOW - 094

DOUBLE YOLK PHENOMENON! I cracked the egg, double yolk! I cracked another, double yolk! And again, double yolk.

SARAH: Are you guys watching this? I’ve never seen so many double yolks come out of one box of eggs before in my life. This is weird!

And again, double yolk! Things were getting a bit freaky and I was beginning to think that maybe all Polish eggs had double yolks in them. The fifth egg, double yolk! One more time, single yolk. WOW. Either I’m having five sets of twins and a goal keeper or that was just plain bizarre!

Full on mission to the main square in search of the MP, Anna Grodzka, the first transexual MP in Poland. A building in derelict fashion led us into a neat and tidy office. The whole day was pottered with irony. The message – Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!

POLAND 2014 - KRAKOW - 096

Protest in the main square

POLAND 2014 - KRAKOW - 097

All Heated Up

Andrea, an Italian living in Poland drove me to the police station in his mini bus. It was interesting to hear about all the different European cultures migrating to Poland in search of work.

POLAND 2014 - KRAKOW - 106

 I was looking for something. Weird. Wacky. Wonderful. Anything.

SARAH: Please God. Show me something interesting.

We turned the corner onto the main road and noticed this vehicle.

POLAND 2014 - KRAKOW - 108

SARAH: Please God, now let me meet some very interesting people.

Within moments, I spotted a group of young people playing guitar and dancing amongst themselves. Their stories were what I was looking for.

POLAND 2014 - KRAKOW - 109

Cancerians. One day and two years apart. One Dragon. One Tiger. Similar. Yet… Complimentary. Yasmin and I. I really like my house mates. Our energy is great. It’s incredible what happens when motivated minds come together and one fuels the other.

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