Work hard… Play hard. My ethos.

A creative morning expressing the world within and the world without left me highly charged. I think the last time I played with crayons must have been when I was a fashion designer. But creating something then destroying it results in transformation. We always develop a new perception of something once it evolves. Whether naturally or by force. Change is inevitable. Transformation is essential. I enjoyed being an artist again…

POLAND 2014 - KRAKOW - 130

External World


POLAND 2014 - KRAKOW - 131

 Internal World


In 1333, Kazimierz III Wielki (Casimir the Great) expands to the east and transforms Poland into a multinational state. This invited the Jewish community to migrate to Poland and settle in what is now known as the Jewish Quarter in Kazimierz.

The group got together for a drink with the locals in the popular “Nova Square” aka “Plac Nowi”. It was a long day of hard work but we all managed to get our pitches in so this break was much needed.

Then I met James, a writer from London living in Krakow. The madness responsible for the laughter in my sleep that night was when the rose monster targeted us and made his attack.


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