The football culture in Krakow fascinates me. There are two major football teams in the city, Cracovia and Wisla. I wanted to find out more  so I took a trip down to the stadiums. “Between the fans, it’s war!” said one supporter at Wisla stadium. It was only then that I discovered I was in the “City of Knives”…  

POLAND 2014 - KRAKOW - 114

Cracovia stadium from the “Chicks and Champs” bar.

POLAND 2014 - KRAKOW - 118

Poland’s first ever Slack Liner, Peter Hirnyk encourages me to get on the plank and walk!

POLAND 2014 - KRAKOW - 122

Slack liners from around the world meet in park to share their passion.

POLAND 2014 - KRAKOW - 123

The Slack liners managed to convince me to try their sport. On my first attempt at Slack lining, I experienced the most painful accident in between my legs when I lost balance. On my second attempt, I was determined not to repeat the agony!

POLAND 2014 - KRAKOW - 129

- Mark Twain

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