Sunday morning duties before the grand opening ceremony today of the 54th Krakow Film Festival…

POLAND 2014 - KRAKOW - 166

 @ The Laundry Mat…

NICOLA: (Trying to figure out where the money slot is for the washing powder dispenser)

SARAH: Where on earth do you slot the money in?

NICOLA: (Stands up on the bench and notices washing powder sitting on top) I think I just found a…

SARAH: (Stands up on bench and looks at Nicole, smiling)

NICOLA: The little http://www.mindanews.com/buy-accutane/ mouse sitting over there..

BOTH: (Laugh)

My lingerie got stuck in the machine… a hilarious break before the mad rush to get all dressed up for the event tonight.


 The festival begins with a great feature documentary about the sensational Czeslaw Niemen, a famous Polish rock and roll singer.


At Bomba for the after party… I met Benjamin, a filmmaker who tells me about how he was attacked by a hooligan.

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