Rock climbing in Parque Nacional La Guairita for the first time…

All buckled up. I lowered my nerves before sinking into a black hole – the first descent, repelled into a crevasse.

The climb up was a mission shifting my bum, back, knees and using all the power in my legs to keep propelling forward. But eventually, I reached the surface of the earth.

Hmmm… I enjoyed that. Wanna do it again!

Then, I was taken to a wall with great paths that beckoned my grip. The climb looked interesting and challenging at the same time.

I felt like “SpiderMan” slithering my body up the wall with survival depending on my every next move. Ha!

As I approached nearer to the top, my knees started trembling.

SARAH: I’m stuck! Where am I going to put my feet and hands??! I can’t find any grips!!

My shoes ripped. My nerves followed. My knees shook uncontrollably. My stomach tightened as a drop of sweat left my face.

Each and every next move was like playing chess with life.

I had to hang in mid air for a moment to wear off the shakiness before continuing.

The sun beamed in my eyes as I searched for the final few grips. Forming awkward positions, I eventually made it to the top. I dared to turn around and look down at the magnificent view of the city.

SARAH: What a beautiful view! So tranquil.

From there, I was repelled back down to earth. The adrenaline pumped in my body. I wanted to do it again. And again. Somewhere new. Time had run out. I’ll meet another wall, sometime soon.

Sarah Begum rock climbing in Caracas

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