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The Independent newspaper in the UK have published a story on my Amazonian ‪#‎adventure‬.

British filmmaker Sarah Begum ‘marries’ Ecuadorian tribal warrior

Queen of the Amazon: British filmmaker ‘marries’ Ecuadorian tribal warrior after meeting him when she went to the country to film documentary

Rainforest Concern partnership for Adventurion 3D-360 charitable efforts

It is with great pleasure that I announce my partnership with Rainforest Concern charity organisation to distribute a percentage of profits from any funds generated through this project to the Huaorani tribe, whom I have lived with, in the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador. In 2010, I followed my childhood dream to travel to the Amazon rainforest […]

The Adventure Travel Film Festival 2014

Once we made the ember, they placed it in my tinder bundle and I blew until the flames emerged from my bare hands. I smiled as the crowd gathered… It was the first time I had made a fire from scratch using the bow drill, wearing a pair of white leather and wooden funky high […]

Looking forward to The Adventure Travel Film Festival in Dorset this coming weekend

Looking forward to The Adventure Travel Film Festival in Dorset this coming weekend where Amazon Souls will be screening followed by a Q&A with myself. If you’re free that weekend, come and spend it camping under the stars. I hear there will be a music festival on too so fun all around and lots… LOTS […]

Amazon Souls update:

The film has come a long way since completion and has recently been upgraded. It has been graded by the great Susumu Asano and now, I am delighted and honoured to have the BAFTA winning Jez Spencer compose an original soundtrack for the film. I’ve been waiting for Jez’s special touch on the film for […]


16 years ago, I sat in a classroom, learning about deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest. Today, I went to visit the very school and speak in that same classroom to children about how I made my Amazon dream happen. It was lovely to see so many excited students with lots of questions! I hope this […]

Sarah Begum – “Amazon Souls” – Living with the Huaorani Tribe @ The Globe Trotters Club

It was a full house with people standing and apparently the biggest turn out in 10 years at The Globe Trotter’s Club today for my Amazon Souls screening and talk. A great, engaged audience with lots of questions after. WOW!! I’m so happy to know that my film and story has been received so well

Amazon Souls: Thoughts behind the journey so far

I’m looking over all my posts since the beginning of Amazon Souls… From conception to delivery, it took me four long, hard years to complete. An experience no degree could offer me. Sickening patience. Obsessive work ethics. Sacrifice. Sacrifice. Sacrifice. A tunnel of darkness. Obstacles after obstacles. Endurance; the pain kept multiplying. Life; challenges rained on […]