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Inside Petare – Not Your Average Slum House

Dubbed as “the murder capital of the world” and notorious for it’s soaring crime rate, Caracas has endured the great mountainous landscape of Petare for the last few decades. Struck by poverty, people have built their homes (benchmarking “jenga”) one on top of another with no real solid structure and with whatever materials they could afford or […]

“Inspired” at a Venezuelan orphanage, Hogar Bambi

I’ve always wanted to adopt. As a child, I have always felt adopted, being the black sheep amongst my siblings. The urge to give a child the opportunity of a better life with love was the goal. This was the closest I had ever been to almost adopting twenty kids! I was invited by Hogar Bambi, an orphanage in […]

Colosseum in Rome

Rome. Ahhhh. At long last. We meet. For many years, I’ve dreamt of visiting the Colosseum and that dream has been achieved. To be able to walk through the ancient ruins where the Gladiators trained to entertain, fighting to the death and even with exotic animals in what was once Ancient Rome, to walk into […]

Leo and Alejandra’s Rock n Roll Wedding

Last night I attended my first ever Venezuelan rock and roll wedding celebrating the matrimony of Leo and Alejandra with Alex and Laura at the peak of Los Campitos Mountain. The groom took to the stage. All lights and eyes on him. He picked up his electric guitar, twinkle and emotion in his eyes. His […]

Venezuela: Life in Caracas – La Colonia Tovar

I woke up with a deep ache for Germany. That Deutschland dream was calling me, to the most exotic of places. Inside clouds many miles away from the civilisation I was only just adjusting to… On top of a mountain and the southern most tip at the end of the Andes… Never did I know […]

Venezuela: Life in Caracas – The Flintstones Gym with Johnny Bravo

Parque Los Caobos is a beautiful public park where I stumbled upon Los Picapiedras – “The Flintstones Gym”. I noticed men training in weights made of cement. I had only ever seen such a scene in an episode of the cartoon, “Flintstones”. I thought I was well in need of training after eating all that […]

Rock climbing in Parque Nacional La Guairita for the first time…

All buckled up. I lowered my nerves before sinking into a black hole – the first descent, repelled into a crevasse. The climb up was a mission shifting my bum, back, knees and using all the power in my legs to keep propelling forward. But eventually, I reached the surface of the earth. Hmmm… I […]

Venezuela: Life in Caracas – Caiza Crime Story

I just finished emptying the last succulent bite of the closest to English breakfast I could put together. Ah!   BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP-P-P!!!   The sound of the alarm echoed in my ears. An eerie feeling filled my stomach. What just happened? My housemate, Raul stormed into the living room with both hands on his head in […]

The Independent newspaper in the UK have published a story on my Amazonian ‪#‎adventure‬.

British filmmaker Sarah Begum ‘marries’ Ecuadorian tribal warrior

Queen of the Amazon: British filmmaker ‘marries’ Ecuadorian tribal warrior after meeting him when she went to the country to film documentary