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Cannes Film Festival 2013

“Just received my accreditation for Cannes!!! Woohoooooooo” 27th March 2013 “Cannes Short Film Corner deadline… will I make it???” 8th April 2013 “Waking up from “away with the fairies in La La land” to a good morning and GREAT NEWS! Guess what? No sleep and hard work paid off the last few days… My film, […]

Sheffield Doc/Fest 2013

“AMAZON SOULS has been selected to be a part of the Videotheque in Sheffield Doc/Fest 2013!” 18th April 2013   “AMAZON SOULS has had an AMAZING Doc/Fest 2013 and now… I have just received invitations for both FIFE – Environmental International Film Festival in Paris and 7th edition of “Cinema Vérité” Iran International Documentary Film […]

In Bernie’s Words

“Sarah my dear friend. I love your work (and so do my heavy duty film producers) because you put the project before the art and the finance will follow..but I’m here to tell you as a man who will be 60 at the end of next year and has spent his whole life in […]

The First Victory

“Erm…guess what? Positive feedback, meaning… I’VE FINISHED MY FILM!!!! (With very minor changes to be made) and WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  …. FINALLY, feel like the last 3 years have really paid off! Thank you all for your help and support along the way  xxxxxx YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! The impossible can happen. Next steps? Exciting journey ahead awaits…” 30th January 2013 “Great […]

On my first night in the Huaorani village…

It was pitch black in the jungle and no one in sight. I desperately needed to charge the camera batteries so walked over to the river to detect human activity. I saw lights and heard people talking in Spanish. Determined to get to the other side without drowning, I hopped into an impossibly tiny canoe […]

The Magic of Music and the Sensations of Sounds

“The fun part……MUSIC!!! Laying down music tracks on the film Looking for the perfect melody, wanting to jump into a past dream I had and save the tune from that place in my head onto a memory stick and bring it right back to the edit suite so I can play with it! Unfortunately, I need […]

Cut. Refine. Define. That’s how diamonds are made ;-)

“You know it’s a good sign when you’re supposed to edit/make changes but you’ve just let it play and watched half the film!” 16th November 2012 “The hard bit: Cutting down and out…” 24th November 2012 “Realising what genre this is and what type of documentary it is NOT…then seeking the right tools to see […]

Research, Research, Research

“Extensive research continues, just to make sure I didn’t leave anything valuable out of “the picture”…” 8th October 2012 “It took months, but I got a reply from one of the oil companies…with a name and address! International investigations begin…” 8th October 2012 “Had an amazing set of meetings today topped off by the Yasuni ITT […]